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Pars Fanavaran Motbaker offers you integrated and cost-effective solutions by working in the field of website design and development. We are by your side with the aim of producing customer order software, designing and building a data center, producing an application, website and maintaining and supporting your network, step by step until the celebration of success.

Consulting and analysis

Professional advice and career guidance in starting a business

Infinitely connected

Correct knowledge of the customer's wishes and expectations

Professional development

A team of experienced professionals


Anytime online and responsive for support


Start your ideas in Pars Fanavaran Motbaker

We are with you by creating a new value with committed efforts and awareness of existing risks.

Maintenance, support and data center construction

Production and support of customer ordered software and applications

Maintenance and support of computer networks

Years experience

From the path of Pars Fanavaran Mobtaker

Pars Fanavaran Mobtaker knows the path to success of your business

Regular report to the employer

Reports of project progress details regularly in the form of PDF files to the employer

On time delivery

Final delivery of the site and application to the employer on the appointed day

Technical support

Solving the technical problems of the site and application when any unforeseen problems occur



Analyzing with a technical point of view and providing appropriate solutions in order to fulfill the demands

Experience design and user interface

Experience design and user interface

Using the latest tools

Website and application development using the latest programming technologies

The result of customer trust

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Ministry of Education

Hamgam portal

Hamgam The most comprehensive national portal of schools in the country with the aim of improving the level of access to new educational and educational equipment and technologies in line with the goals of the document on the fundamental transformation of education and the integration of all related systems.

169,853 subcategory sites

17,675,940 active users


Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare

Portal of cooperatives of the country

This portal is provided with the purpose of registering and forming as well as monitoring the performance of cooperatives at the country level and with the aim of increasing transparency in the management of these organizations.

221,007 cooperatives

65,104,094 users


Data center design and construction


Design and construction of more than 4 government data centers (more than 100 racks) with global standards

Construction of more than 84 server rooms

Designing 17 main data centers of the country

Development and implementation of software and data center with the latest technology of 2020

The gathering of experts in the field of programming and expert designers of the data center and the provision of powerful hardware equipment have enabled us to develop large-scale customer software.


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